Mobile CRM Voipscan for business

Business chats

  • Incoming call flow control
  • The ability to immediately appoint an employee responsible for customer contact
  • All business activity in the application

Client base

  • Organizing the flow of incoming calls
  • Ability to notify clients via PUSH
  • Easy-to-use CRM system

Team management

  • General schedule and events feed
  • Employee load regulation
  • Chats between employees with saving documents

Functions you will like

  • Chat with customer
  • Recording to a specialist via chat
  • Customer record form
  • Customer push reminders
  • Customer base
  • History of records for specialists
  • Sales accounting
  • Service management
  • Calls between employees and group calls
  • Audio files
  • Security and restrictions
  • Additional settings

Business chats Voipscan B2B

Manage your business from the app on your smartphone!

We offer a separate product for business - the mobile CRM Voipscan B2B.
Clients communicate with you or your employees and order services through their usual Voipscan application, and the business receives a unique product: CRM functionality on a mobile device. The main functions of the application for business are: business chats, mobile CRM and additional services.

For the owner of the company, manager or the administrator the analytics is available for each employee in electronic form. There is no need to be in the office all the time.

How business chats work

  • You have received an order for a product or service by phone, WhatsApp or other application - just open the Voipscan b2b application to reply
  • From any tab click the “new task” or “new event” button
  • Select a responsible employee, select the service or product, assign a date and time.
  • An appointment will automatically appear in your calendar and in your responsible employee’s one.
  • If you have any questions: write a chat to an employee, call him for free, create a group chat, make a free group call.

Chats with customers

  • It is enough for your customers to download the application to find you. Recommend your customers to download the client application.
  • After you set up your company, it will become available in the appropriate section of the industry, and your customers will be able to send requests for goods and services.
  • There are no more missed calls at night, on weekends and holidays. Customers can send requests around the clock.
    All requests get into the section “customers”. There you can process the request at a convenient time.
  • You can write or call the client for free.
  • Soon we make the processing of requests from Voipscan chats automatic.
  • You get the phone number and name of the potential customer even if he hasn't reached you yet.